Sumerian is a 2D metroidvania that follows Karkamış, an undefeatable and vicious warrior who seeks the solution for his only flaw, mortality.

In the ancient and far and -in many ways- far advanced civilization of Mu, a young alchemist uncovers the ultimate mystery of life. Disgusted and angered by this action, the gods unleash their wrath upon the land. The Alchemist, evades the ravenous people and Gods’ wrath and manages to escape. This escape however is temporary since the Sumerian Warrior, who is far more dangerous than any creature gods dare to unleash, is on the Alchemist’s track.

The story of Sumerian explores the mythical lost land of Mu and the creation of the first ancient civilizations. The unique setting of Sumerian is inspired by actual Mesopotamian civilizations like Sumer, Luwia, Galatia, Akkad, Hurri, Hattia, Hittite and Canaan.

Meet the Team

Mustafa Aldemir / Animator - Illustrator
Ahmet Nazmi Bozhüyük / Project Manager - Programmer
Çağrı Kaş / Art Director - Graphic Designer - Concept Artist - Music